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Your Future - What jobs can I go in to after Rockley?

So, what can I do after my course at Rockley? What are my options and where can I work? Beyond the normal office 9 to 5 grind there is a whole vibrant exciting world out there and this is where you find most of our students when they leave Rockley!

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Our courses are designed in nature to give students a real blend of skills, knowledge and understanding to go and tackle the world head on, carving out a life for themselves in all the fun and adventurous places in the world. If we had a map of the world of where our students were now, they have left, I would be confident that there would be someone in virtually every country! 

We say this when we are promoting the course but what does it mean? “Want to ‘Live the Dream’, travel the World, work as an Outdoor Instructor, and get all your training for FREE? Aged 16 - 18? Why not join a Rockley Education College course? #BeDifferent #LiveMore #ChooseRockley


What is living the dream? Where can I travel? Where can I work? The answer to that is, everyone’s dream is unique and looks quite different but one thing that is for certain, you really can dream. This course is a life changing experience. It prepares you for life in ways you will never have thought possible. It creates opportunities people sit and dream about at their desks long into their thirties! With a bit of imagination, you could be off traveling all round the world and working in the most amazing countries. 

Your course prepares you for a job in sport. Now this job in sport could be a play worker, a football coach, a sports manager, working in sports events, summer camps, schools, hotels, gyms, the list goes on. The skills you develop in leadership and coaching, problem solving, and time management, organisation and communication allow you to position yourself with valuable soft skills that can’t be taught in a classroom. These are life skills, that are developed over time of working in teams, with customers, with students, in a range of environments and by pushing your limits and your comfort zone. These skills are developed by immersing yourself in all that Rockley has to offer and in return, you can go on to create an amazing future. 


Let us look at some specific summer seasonal jobs currently being advertised in the Watersports Industry, as a starter for ten, that you might like the look of:

Beach Manager – European Destinations
Activity Manager – European Destinations
Water Sports Instructor – Everywhere!
Kite Surfing Instructor – Everywhere!
Water Ski & Wake Board Instructor – European Destinations
Ski Boat Driver – European Destinations
Lifeguard – European Destinations
Boat Mechanic – European Destinations
Activities Assistant – European Destinations
Flotilla Mate – European Destinations
Day Sail Skipper – European Destinations
Children’s Club Staff – European Destinations
Bike Guide or Bike Mechanic – European Destinations
Fitness Instructor – European Destinations


Do any of those roles sound like something that might interest you? Could you see yourself working a summer season abroad? Teaching families how to sail? Windsurf? Ski or kitesurf? Travelling the world and learning new languages? Enjoying new cultures? 

The training you will receive at Rockley is all RYA accredited. This allows you to use your Instructor qualifications to be able to work at other RYA centres around the world so although a lot of these roles are listed as European destinations, what lots of our ex-students do is follow the sun. When they are not teaching in Greece in the summer, they move to Australia or New Zealand for the winter! Chasing the sun and following the sea breezes, whilst managing to keep a suntan all year long!

I hope this has given you a taster of some of the jobs in the industry. We have focussed here on summer seasonal jobs but there are always the winter seasonal jobs to chuck into the mix too. Maybe we’ll save this for another time but what I will say is if you have a sense of adventure and see yourself wanting to travel and see the world, whilst also being paid for the pleasure of it, you’re in the right place! 


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