Behaviour Change for a Healthy & Productive Lifestyle


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Behaviour Change for a Healthy & Productive Lifestyle

This year’s Dorset PE and School Sport Conference, held at Queen Elizabeth’s School, looked into the inactivity within the population and how together we can move towards positive, more active lifestyle through behaviour change.

Working Together to Promote Behaviour Change for a Healthy and Productive Lifestyle

The event opened with some inspiring words from Kath Rudd, Active Dorset School Development Manager on how movement is life and how active children make strong students. Kath addressed that children who feel physically fit with positive mental well-being will provide better coping strategies for daily life and improve their outcomes for the future.

Keiron Ranking, Rockley Sales Manager commented on attending the event for the fifth year running: “This is one of the best events we go to. It is great for meeting our existing teachers and talking about the Dorset School Games but more importantly it is a key function that resulted in 20 new enquiries from schools we are yet to work with.

“This year’s conference theme of behaviour change for a healthy and productive lifestyle is very relevant and aligned with the outdoor education benefits and team work inclusion of the Dorset School Games that we work to promote.”

At a time of political change, all government parties are aware of inactivity within the population which is having an impact on obesity and mental health. The Dorset PE and School Sport Conference 2017 explored the different mind sets which young people and teachers may have about physical activity, and how this relates to their current lifestyles. It will focus on how to move towards a positive, more active lifestyle through behaviour change.

Active Dorset is one of 44 County Sports Partnerships (CSPs) across England, committed to working together to increase participation in sport and physical activity. County Sports Partnerships work across the sporting landscape in their county, actively supporting partners to increase participation in sport and physical activity. 

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