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The pupils of King’s Park Academy tell us why they love sailing

Last week we saw an interview with Andy Darch about his relationship with Rockley and why he feels it is so important to offer young people the opportunity a variety of different activities during their school life. We also spoke to some of the year 5 and 6 children to see what they think of the whole experience - year 5 students Mia and Piper, Riley who is currently working towards his Stage 4 and Aliyah and Cassy who have their stage 2. 

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What do you like so much about sailing Riley?

Riley – Um – I like that it makes me feel free and I like that I could have a holiday on the seas instead of having a holiday on land. Yeah.

Mia - I did my Level 1 last year and really enjoyed it, especially on the windy days and when there are odd numbers because I get to sail on my own.







And have you made lots of new friends? 

Riley – Yeah

Do you like school?

Riley – Not really. I think year six is too pressuring and hard especially with SAT’s this year, and it’s a lot of sitting around. Sailing really takes my mind off the SATs coming up.

Do you like sport?

Riley – Yes, I love sport. It gets you out and moving and it’s fun. I really love sailing. When you go sailing you have all this space and we can be ourselves. Sometimes you feel trapped in a classroom with all the school gates.

Aliyah - I don’t do many sports at school but I love sailing.

Do you prefer it to being in the classroom?

Piper - Definitely. Yeah. I like how you can go really fast and you don’t have an engine, the power is the wind. I’ve learnt how to deal with the wind and can just do it and enjoy it.


Does that mean you’ve gained more confidence?

Piper - Yes and I really like doing it with Mia because she is happy to sail on her own like me so when we sail together we have double the confidence!

Have you capsized yet?

Mia - We did when we did Level 1 but it was all fun so we don’t mind doing it now and it’s safe and shallow.

So, you girls are going on the residential. Are you excited?

Mia - Yes, so excited just doing loads of different activities because it is so much fun. 

Were you glad when they introduced this at your school?

Cassy - Well actually when they first introduced it, we didn’t know what to expect but thought we would give it a go. The first time we came on Rockley trip was great but some of them weren’t taking it seriously and I really wanted to learn how to sail. I think Mr Darch saw how much everyone was having fun so he introduced it again. We also changed partners so I’m now with Aliyah and we work really well together.


Do you think you’re a bit of a dream team?

Cassy - Yes, and we really concentrate but we still have fun.

After year 6 you’ll be going to a different school. Do you think you’ll carry on sailing?

Aliyah - If we can. I think our next school does some sailing but if they don’t I really want to encourage other children to do sailing because then they will get fitter and have a really good experience in other things.

Cassy - It helps me think of what I can do when we’re older because when I’m older I’d like to work at Rockley.

Aliyah - Yeah I want to as well. 

To find out how your school can get involved with sailing at Poole Park Lake, contact AJ on

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