With only two more ladies sailing sessions until Christmas, their coach Peter is optimistic for some nice weather, big turnouts and Christmas hats!

Well we had a week of “The Instructor is too ill to go out” (and there wasn’t enough wind anyway) followed a by a windy week with a few capsizes and then a glorious week of wind, sun, water and COLD!

I didn’t manage to blog the first week so here goes a shortened version of both.

So obviously we decided to practice Gybing on the windy Thursday morning.  There’s no point in practising it in no wind, right? Although it would have helped if I had laid the gybe mark to make the second reach a reach and not a broad reach. This was exacerbated when I tried to rectify the error but got a bit confused and moved it the wrong way making the broad reach now a dead run. Not conducive to practising gybing around a mark. But conducive to a few windward capsizes – Cue video!

Laughter was had by all, honest. I heard laughter and it wasn’t just me. Was it?

So how does this Thursday morning sailing sessions actually happen? Well, at this time of year we all wait nervously for a round robin email from Liz enquiring as to “Who is up for it?,  allied to a brief weather forecast.  There is then a pause whilst people assess the weather forecast and then start looking for reasons not to attend (Pilates being moved is the number one excuse at the moment).

Yvonne always replies in the positive (she has got a dry suit after all and isn’t afraid to use it) and then slowly a few more get shamed into going and then, yes, the instructor can make it. If he has to…..

Down we go to the club and if I have my trusty assistant Angie (she couldn’t make it this cold Thursday morning for reasons I CANNOT go into; it was a case of TMI frankly. Sometimes they seem to forget that I am a bloke amongst women) she gets a RIB ready whilst we rig the Fusions which the Club have very kindly kept available to us until December 14th.

This week there was, again it seems, no wind but the forecast gave us hope. So after spending 10 minutes discussing naked massages (see previous comment about being a bloke) the wind filled in and we had a really beautiful sail up to Round Island and back. Just the right amount of wind (10 knots) to get the boats moving nicely and to produce a bit of wind chill in the hands and feet.  Now there is the great sailors debate, would you prefer frozen feet or frozen hands? I would go for frozen hands every time, frozen feet are just not nice. But sometimes you get both and this week a few  did get both so we only had an hour on the water in an empty harbour. It was beautiful and all to ourselves. Sadly no time for a debrief (coffee/tea) as a dentist appointment was calling me.

Only two more Thursday mornings until Christmas, so here is to nice weather, big turnouts and Christmas hats!

Oh, on the way in Liz was heard muttering “we would have been warm if we had raced”, you can take a girl out of a race but you can’t take the race out of a girl!


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