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Peter’s Blog: PYC Ladies Coaching

Rockley Owner and FD, Peter Gordon has been putting some extra effort into his time on the water and not just for his own personal sailing skills. 

Blimey, where did the season go?

I was meant to start this blog at the beginning of the season, not the end, but as we have always been told, “better late than never”, a motto that some of my lady Thursday morning sailors live by, as trying to get them all on the water in less than hour has become a personal challenge for me.

So who are they, who am I and what is this all about?

Well, “they” are a group of lady sailors that have split from Parkstone Yacht Club’s (PYC) lady Pico evening sailors, that have been going for about five years.  This group has been run under the expert eye of Nigel Pearce and whose number has grown over the years to up to 50 sailors in the evening. They no longer just sail Picos, but also Lasers, Toppers and Fusions (a new addition to PYC’s fleet this year and indeed also a new addition to Rockley Watersports’ fleet this year as well).  This year the ladies started sailing in April and they had a few morning sessions to start the season off with where I helped out.  Some of the group wanted to continue these morning sessions and I was more than willing to help out.

Six months later...






Who am “I”?  Well my name is Peter Gordon, I am the owner of Rockley Watersports, which I no longer run day to day (why would you when you have a much more able person to do that?). I am also an RYA Coach Assessor and someone who, in 2016, snapped his ACL (it’s in the knee) whilst skiing off piste with his kids (the classic “last run of the day” whilst tired).  This entailed me spending the whole of 2016 watching from the side-lines whilst everyone else was on the water having fun, whether it was racing Lasers or coaching the Topper group at PYC.  So now, back fit (ish) I thought it was time to play a bit of catch up on all fronts and I have been successful, in parts. I have managed to race my Laser more than last year, but less than previous years, and I have managed to do most Thursday mornings with “the ladies”.

Their numbers vary as all have varying commitments to work, family, holidays and of course the weather plays a part (significant part, some would say) in their enthusiasm as well.

We have had some top days, including one with 20 on the water; nine Fusions, one Pico, one Topper and nine Lasers and Angie in the RIB with me had possibly the most important job.  Bringing the chocolates.  These were wolfed down, or in one case stored for later on for when the indigestion tablets kicked in. But Angie and I were resolute in not succumbing to the temptation, after all, what had we done to deserve chocolates? Certainly I for one, having discovered that I was the heaviest I had ever been at my weekly weigh in on Monday morning was not going to give in and Angie, very sportingly joined me in my abstinence.

These are some of the blogs that I thought about writing but never got round to - How about we do morning?, Plan your work and work your plan, Go small or don't go at all, We saw a Seal (well two of us did), You're always racing, Coffee anyone?, It's all about the chocolates. 

But now, having started this blog and with the intention to keep on sailing until we can all wear Father Christmas hats whilst on the water without looking too stupid, I think that I may just be able to fit them all in.  Oh and keep you updated with my “lose a kilo a week” campaign.

And yesterday’s session?  It would have been It’s all about the Tell Tales, but I know that we will revisit that subject again…

Oh, and it’s been a blast ladies, thanks.


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