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Merry Christmas from Everyone at Rockley

A very Merry Christmas from the whole Rockley Team and Rockley's very own children!

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Rockley is very much about family which is why the young Rockley children (aged from 3 years to 24!) have created some extra special Christmas card designs to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

Thank you to Georgie Dodds, aged 3 years, daughter of Rockley’s Development Manager, Alex Dodds, Isabelle Clark (4 years), Sophia Clark (3 years) and Olivia Clark (2 years), daughters of Rockley’s Schools Manager, Jack Clark, Kate and Josh McMaster, aged 8 years and 10 years - daughter and son of Rockley’s Chief Instructor, Liz McMaster and BTEC L3 Sport Tutor, John McMaster and Sophie Smith, aged 25 years, daughter of Rockley Point’s Centre Manager, Andy Smith.

Enjoy this special time of year with your own families and we look forward to seeing you in 2019.

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