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It’s all about the personal touch!

Communication is the key to success in most relationships! This is why we offer a more personal touch in the form of parents' evenings and assemblies for those schools who choose to launch a school or group activity trip with us. It’s important that teachers, governors and group leaders trust their activity providers and that parents have the confidence in us to take care and educate their children. This is why, for so many Group Leaders, a parents' evening or presentation assembly conducted by us, either in person or virtually is a game changer.

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More reasons how our help will ultimately help our Group Leaders


Meeting and talking to the staff and understanding the ethos of a company is very important when choosing an outdoor activity trip provider. We want all parties - whether you are a group leader or parent, to feel confident that we will deliver everything you require.

Questions Galore

Parents can ask all the questions they want and they will get answered on the day. This saves the Group Leader having to go backwards and forwards with emails. We can explain in depth what our adventure trips entail as all of our team have either visited the centres or have previously worked there and can offer a wealth of knowledge and personal experience. For us, no question is a silly question - we just care that everything is answered for you!



It’s always good to have a bit of back up, whatever the circumstance! When presenting to parents and pupils, having someone there, alongside the teacher, who truly understands the trip we are offering is always a bonus. At Rockley, we are there from the start of the process until the end of your trip to ensure a successful and fun adventure.

Personal Service

In an age of technology, it is still always nice to know that companies are still willing to offer you that personal service. 

Job Done!

Often having us at your school, or having access to us via zoom, filtering all the questions in one go and chatting to parents and pupils makes the process of launching a trip so much quicker. And as busy teachers, this can only be a positive!

Inspection Visits - try before you buy!

When committing to anything, no matter how big or small, the only way to find out if it will suit you is by either trying or seeing a product. It is no different with a residential trip. We know that it is super important that as a Group Leader you select the right residential experience for your group. Pupil and parent expectations are equally as high as yours, so the pressure to get it right is definitely on your shoulders. This is where an inspection visit, where possible, is the perfect opportunity for you to see for yourself the kind of experience Rockley will be offering your young people. It is also a great chance to meet the team, ask all those burning questions and really get a 'feel’ for a company.

We absolutely love meeting teachers and showing them around our centres. It gives us a chance to explain fully how a residential trip with us works and you get to see the centre, its facilities and the kind of activities your group will enjoy.

To arrange an inspection visit, or if you would like any further information please contact us below: 

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