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Get Intensive in 2015

Book on to our 10 or the 6 week Instructor Course starting March 2015 and get a GILL Rolling Cargo Bag worth £100.

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As 2014 is rolling to an end are you thinking about what to do next year? Do you want to add more skills to your CV or kick start your watersports career?

Then go intensive! The ten and six week Rockley Academy courses are designed to give you all of the qualifications you need to become an instructor, opening the door for you to work throughout 2015 and further in the watersports industry.

If you book now for the first course starting in 2015* we will give you a Gill Rolling Cargo Bag, ideal for travelling and storing all of your sailing gear!*

The 10 week Watersports Instructor Course is a great Instructor package for those with little experience of sailing or windsurfing who wish to gain multiple instructor qualifications. An intensive 10 weeks covering all the training and pre requisites required to become an RYA Dinghy Instructor and RYA Start Windsurf Instructor.

The 6 week Dinghy Instructor Course is our basic RYA Dinghy Instructor package for those with little experience of sailing. An intensive 6 weeks covering all the training and pre requisites required to become an RYA Dinghy Instructor.

* The Gill bag offer applies to all bookings made before December 22 2014, courses to start on 2 March 2015.

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