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7 questions with…...Peter

We delve in to the mysterious mind of Rockley Owner Peter Gordon

A book you have read which has inspired you the most?

Samuel Pepys: The Unequalled Self by Claire Tomalin - A real page turner surprisingly. Pepys was at the centre of so many important political decisions at a fascinating time in British history. A great read

Three people (at anytime in history) you would invite round for dinner?

Barack Obama. The coolest dude that has ever walked this planet
Peter Ustinov. One of the greatest raconteurs 
Marilyn Monroe. Why wouldn’t I?

What would you perfect day be if time, travel and money were not an issue?

On a yacht, with my family, sailing around some islands







Most elaborate item you have bought or been given?

A waterski from my then girlfriend is my most memorable present

Mantra you live by?

You only regret things you don’t do (with thanks to Nicky Wakefield)

You run a Ladies Sailing Session at Parkstone Yacht Club every Thursday. What motivates you to do this?
It is the only time I am just “Peter”. In everything else I do I am a husband, father,  boss, owner, etc. With the morning group I am just me.  I really enjoy doing it and it is a bit of “me” time and I try and make sure that my Thursday mornings are kept  free






As a big sports fan, which sporting event in history would you like to have been at?

At the moment, any football match that Tottenham win! 

OK - so we know it's a 7 questions feature, but as Peter is the big boss, we thought we'd ask two more!!

Favourite film?

The 5th Element - I Didn’t know anything about the film and it was high entertainment and embarrassingly I didn’t guess what the 5th Element was until the very end

Which song would get you up on the dance floor?

My wife is half Swedish so anything by Abba


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