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Why Choose Rockley?

Choosing Rockley for sixth form we believe will be the best decision you’ve ever made! Our courses are unique and as such, you are guaranteed something special. Here’s our top 7 reasons! 

Reason 1 - You study at the beach! 

All our sixth form courses are based at our Rockley Point centre. As a working watersports centre, sixth form with us feels different to a school environment. With excellent facilities and equipment your new school is our watersports centre and your new playground is our beach! What’s not to love?!

Reason 2 - You’ve got two options! 

One of the best things about our courses is that we prepare you for two options when you finish with us, that’s either progressing to higher education and university, or going out in to the world of employment and starting a career in sport. Either way, it’s your choice as you will have the option, with the skills, knowledge and qualifications to do both. 

Reason 3 – Over £2000 worth of FREE training!

All of our courses allow our students to access our optional instructor training programme for our sixth form students. We totalled up this training and it’s approximately £2000 worth of free training that we offer to our students. As part of the course’s students develop skills in all watersports and then for those that want to develop further they have the opportunity to sign up for optional extras and the Instructor development sessions. These session work towards students getting to the required ability level and pre requisite to then complete RYA powerboat level 2, RYA first aid, RYA Dinghy Instructor, RYA windsurfing instructor. All of this is provided for our students for free and all we ask for students to sign up and get involved! With an RYA instructor course alone costing £375 this really is a fabulous opportunity to develop your skills and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to take this amazing opportunity?

Reason 4 - Real life scenarios 

It’s amazing how many students speak to us about hating school as they don’t often see the relevance in what they are studying. With Rockley, everything we do is based on real life work and vocational learning. When we cover health and safety for example, we look at risk assessments by walking around the boat park and assessing real life scenarios for ideas and to put things in to context. We find with this approach to learning, even the most disengaged school student can find a new way of learning and new desire to learn. It’s amazing how easy learning can be when you understand why you are doing something and the relevance of something to work. 

Reason 5 - We love trips! 

Our courses are structured very differently at Rockley as we can put what’s right for the learner at the heart of our decisions. As an example, we start the term off with a multi activity trip to France to get everyone involved and knowing their new classmates and staff. We are able to do this as we’re not restricted by other departments or a Schools agenda of no trips in term time. Likewise, every year we offer our students a ski trip and numerous other days out such as coasteering, water park or expeditions. 

Reason 6 - Work experience

As we’ve mentioned, our courses are vocational in nature and as you would expect with that sort of course, work experience is fully included and embedded. With a strong focus on employability and developing skills for work, work experience is important to us and our students. All students complete work experience with Rockley in the summer term and placements are predominantly in France at one of our 3 Centres. There are not many courses where you get to complete a placement abroad for your work experience and this is one the things that gets mentioned year after year by our students as one of the highlights. Likewise, throughout the year we run numerous events and sessions where students have the option to get involved and help out. This again, helps them develop the skills ready for work making them more employable. 

Reason 7 - 3 1/2 day week! 

With a condensed timetable over 3 and 1/2 days, sixth form with us instantly feels different to school. With 2 days of that being practical each week, you’ll experience an excellent balance between theory and practical giving you the opportunity to develop all round and be ready to begin your journey and start a career in sport. There’s none of that travelling in to college for a 2 hr lesson at Rockley. Here you’re in for a day or a 1/2 day which saves you money on travel and wasting time travelling in for nothing. Sounds good hey?!

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