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Recruitment FAQs


How do I apply?

To apply for any of our roles you need to go through our website, click on the position you are interested in, fill in the application form, attach your CV and off you go!

The link to follow is here

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When can I apply for a job?

Our applications for summer 2020 are now open!

Follow the link to see all of our current vacancies:

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How long until I find out about my application?

Once you’ve sent your application in through the website we will need some time to process it, as you can imagine we get a huge number of applications in that we need to filter through.

If we think you could be the person for us we will contact you to arrange a telephone interview/face to face interview.

Unfortunately due to the high volume of application we receive if you do not hear from us within 4 weeks we regret that your application has not been successful.


Can I apply if I live overseas?

Following Brexit, if you are planning on working in France and have a British passport, you will need a work permit and visa to work for us. 

If you hold a EU passport you will not need to apply for a visa or permit. 

To work for us in the UK you will need to hold a UK Passport or Birth certificate. If you are joining us from overseas you will need a valid UK working visa that allows you to undertake employment in the UK for the duration of your contract. You will also need to apply for a UK NI number. We also advise that you open a UK bank account.


How old do I have to be to work for Rockley?

To work with us in the UK you need to be 16 + years at the start of your employment.

To work in France you will ned to be 18 years + on the start of your employment.

Please note: Staff accommodation is only available at our UK centres for those aged 18+.


How long is your season?

Our season is usually from March to October.

We have various contract lengths available and are happy to be as flexible as we can be with the dates you are looking at.

Peak season is from June – August and again we have various contract lengths depending on the number of clients we have in each week.

So if you're free for 1 month or 6 please don’t let it deter you from applying.


Can I apply with someone?

Yes that’s no problem!
If you make it clear on your application that you are applying with someone else, and who that person, is we will do our best to put you both at the same centre.


Can I do a work placement with you?

Yes of course! For those completing their post 16 education we have a variety of opportunities available. We have a long history of accepting students who are on college or university courses that have a work placement element to them. We’ve found that our summer season often ties in perfectly with the dates you would need, and we will happily do the paperwork needed for you to make it happen.

If your college or university hasn’t used us a work placement provider before just drop us an email on [email protected] and we can go from there!


What do you look for when recruiting staff?

We are looking for people who are full of enthusiasm, friendly, up for a challenge and hard working. Every day is different so being adaptable and wanting to work in a varied, fun environment is also very handy!

We take people on from a variety of backgrounds so don’t worry if you don’t have loads of experience, we pride ourselves on training and developing our staff so if you have a can do attitude then Rockley could be for you.


If I have an interview where do I go?

We appreciate that we accept applications from across the country so in the first instance all of those applicants successful to the interview stage will go through telephone screening initially. This will be an informal chat with one of our recruitment team to find out a little about you, explain the role you have applied for and assess whether you might be a good fit for Rockley.

Following your telephone interview you may be asked to attend a face to face interview (this will depend on the role). This would take place at either our Head Office on Parkstone Road in Poole, or our Rockley Point sailing centre down in Hamworthy.

We will give you directions and an address to head to so no need to panic!


What is your DBS policy and do I need a check done?

On a season with us you will be working with young people on a daily basis so it is company policy that you hold a valid DBS check. If you have one already our DBS policy will explain whether we can accept your current one or if you will need to apply for a new one, and how to go about it.

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What benefits do you offer?


In France you will be employed through one of our French Company’s ‘Rockley Vacance’ or ‘Rockley Adventure’.

As a basic package we offer:

  • Monthly waged based on French minimum wage
  • 35 hour week modulated over the season
  • Paid holiday
  • Optional Staff Services Package - includes: medical and repatriation insurance, use of Rockley equipment, staff transport, staff social events, domestics inc laundry facilities.
  • Subsidised food charge paid on a monthly basis
  • Accommodation 
  • Travel to and from your centre on completion of your contract, to our designated pick up point.
  • Access to welfare and wellbeing support in the event that you feel it necessary.


As a basic package we offer:

  • Hourly waged paid on a 4 weekly basis
  • Paid holiday accrued throughout your contract
  • Access to subsidised food & accommodation
  • On-site training including access to further NGB qualifications
  • Access to welfare & wellbeing support in the event that you feel it necessary

Where would I be living while working with you?

If you are working in France you will be living in our chalet style tents with up to 2 other people. The tents have electricity, proper beds and mattresses, a fridge and storage for your things so you can make it as comfy and homely as you like.

In the UK you can opt in for food and to live in our onsite accommodation which is part of our Residential Lodge where our clients stay. You would share a room with up to 2 other people, and most are on suite. There is also access to the communal area of the Lodge which is also where your meals will be served.


What hours would I work?

In France your hours are based on a 35 hour week which is modulated over the season. This means that depending on how busy we are each week your hours may fluctuate, but by the end of your contract will average out to be 35 per week.

In the UK your hours will vary depending on what we have going on at the centre. During low season (March – April) you could expect between 25 – 30 hours per week, during peak season (May – September) you can expect 35 – 40 hours per week.


What can I do in my spare time?

Rockley’s centres are all located in beautiful parts of the world so in your spare time there is a whole host of things to do! On site you could take out any of the spare kit to brush up on your skills, or take a bike and cycle to the local town or beach by following any one of the hundreds of cycle paths connecting the local towns.

If working at one of our French centres you could head over to Aqualand for some waterpark fun, visit the largest sand dune in Europe, Dune de Pyla, take a train to Bordeaux to experience the culture of the area, or head south to experience some of the world famous surf spots.  

In the UK, Poole Quay is a hive of activity with a large selection of shops, restaurants and pubs. Bournemouth town is a short bus ride offering some great shopping, beaches and a great nightlife. Don’t worry surfing is still on the cards in the UK with Boscombe and Kimmeridge nearby, or experience the luxury of Sandbanks with it's fantastic kitesurfing and windsurfing. If water is not your thing then Dorset also boasts some of the most amazing countryside right on your doorstep.

Each and every Rockley centre is unique, however we can guarantee you won’t be short of things to keep you occupied in your spare time.


How can I get off site without a car?

Down in Poole you are well connected with the rest of the South coast via its extensive bus and train links. Poole bus and train station are a 15 minute taxi ride from the centre, or alternatively there is a bus link direct from the campsite that goes every hour. Poole also has a National Express stop which gives you access to connecting links to London and the national network.

Over in France you may feel that you will be stuck onsite without a car, but this is not the case. As staff you have access to the centre bikes and can cycle to wherever you fancy or jump on a campsite bus that takes you to the local beach town. You can also arrange a lift to the local train station and from there your options are endless!


What do I need to bring?

The simple answer is whatever you would like to bring with you to get you through a season! There are some things that we think are essential, and others that would be good to bring to make your season as comfortable as it can be.

Click on the link to see our Suggested Kit List



Do I need to find my own insurance?

Whilst working in France you will be employed by our French business, as such you will have access to French medical assistance. This will be charged at source but then can be claimed back. Please note to do this you will need access to an account with a French IBAN number.

If you choose to opt into the Staff Social Package you will receive Reps Insurance which will give you full medical cover including repatriation.


Can we book time off?

You absolutely can! When working with us you will accrue holiday which you could take all in one go or spread out over the season. We will have periods when we are very busy however so having time off granted in those weeks will be a lot trickier, your manager will let you know which weeks to avoid so you can plan your time off accordingly.


What training can I do with you?

All staff that join us will go through our staff induction and basic training – this will set you up for life at Rockley. It will help to familiarise you with how we do things, where we keep things and how to run sessions to the best of your ability, so you can start the season off on the right foot. Following this you will be involved in various ongoing training programmes depending on your role.

During season you will receive on the job training to keep you upskilled in your chosen sport but also give you the opportunity to gain confidence and experience in a new discipline.

Pre and post season we offer free or discounted NGB training courses to the right candidates giving you the opportunity to gain more qualifications to set you up for the following season.

For all of our training packages check out the website.

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What progression do you offer?

At Rockley we pride ourselves on the opportunities we offer to our staff. For the right candidate there are plenty of opportunities to progress through the ranks.

Many of our staff who come to us as Support Team or Instructors stay for several seasons working their way up to Centre Seniors, Activity Managers and even Managers. We love to keep people in the team and help them progress onto the next level and help them develop their professional and personal skills.  


How will I get home at the end of my contract?

On completion of your contract Rockley will transport you back to the UK and a designated drop off point. This will normally be Poole or Dover ferry port.

On some occasions it may be that a school coach is going nearer to where you need to get to so in this instance you are welcome to stay on the coach until you get to the school.

For those living in Scotland or Ireland Rockley will pay for a flight for you to return home.


How many bags can I take out when I travel on Rockley transport to France?

If you are travelling on a Rockley minibus or coach we recommend no more than 2 big bags and your bedding (packed in a binbag) so we can fit everyone’s luggage on the coach in one go!

If Rockley are flying you to France you will be booked luggage dependant on your contract length.

(2 to 4 weeks 1 x 23kg - 4 + weeks 2 x 23kg bags.)


FAQs for Parents!

How do we stay in touch?

All our centres have Wi-Fi available to buy through the campsite themselves which can keep your son or daughter connected. There is also pretty good phone signal on all sites so you will always be able to get hold of them if you need to.

If you would like to send something out to your son or daughter then the following addresses should be used:

La Rive: [Name] C/O Rockley Watersports, Route de Bordeaux, Biscarosse, 40600, Landes, FRANCE

Le Lac:    [Name] C/O Rockley Watersports. 108 Avenue de Woolsack, Mimizan, 40200, Landes, FRANCE

AzuRivage: [Name] C/O Rockley Watersports, 720 Route des Campings, Azur, 40140, Landes, FRANCE

Rockley Point: [Name] C/O Rockley Watersports, 13 Parkstone Road, Poole, BH15 2NN


Can we visit?

Absolutely! It’s always great to see families coming out to visit staff during the season.

In France you can stay with us on site for a small charge per person/per night, if that’s what you want to do – it also subject to our availability. Alternatively, there are hotels, bed and breakfasts and Air BnB’s close to all our centres.

If you want to stay on site you need to have booked with us beforehand so we can make sure we have accommodation available for you as some weeks are busier than others.

In the UK – unfortunately we don’t have any accommodation within our block for families – however we are based on a Haven caravan site who do fab offers throughout the year.

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How do we get hold of our son / daughter in an emergency?

In an emergency you can ring the Head Office who can give you the number of the Centre Manager your child is working for.

If you need to get hold of them during work hours that is the easiest way as they will often be on the water and won’t have their phone with them.

Out of office hours you can contact our emergency number which is found on the answer machine at our Head Office 01202 677272. Office hours are 0830 to 1700.


What happens if they need medical help?

If your son or daughter hurts themselves or becomes ill then we will ask them what they would like to do in terms of seeking medical help. We will help them get to wherever they would like to go, whether that’s doctors, dentist or hospital either by taking them ourselves or calling medical taxis or an ambulance for them.

We will also assist them in contacting insurance companies and support them while they recover to get back to work, or if they are likely to be off work for a longer period of time we will work with them to get them home to recover.

When starting their employment all staff are required to give emergency contact details in case of an emergency. A member of Rockley staff will contact you in the event that your son / daughter cannot do so or on their request. In the event of minor medical issues we will always encourage our staff to contact their parent / guardian to inform them of what is going on.

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